Snuggie Buggies stuffed animals and ultra soft plush toys are very popular with children and people of all ages. We actively monitor our most popular plushies and display them here to facilitate your selection. From a small plush octopus for a newborn or a giant narwhal for your tween, use our stuffed animals as a pillow or your child’s new best friend. We promise you won’t regret it!

Trending Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

Octopus Plushie - stuffed animal

$14.99 List Price

Stuffed Animals and ultra soft plush toys - Narwhal

$23.99 List Price

Manatee Plushie - Stuffed Animals and plush toys

$14.99 List Price

Triceratops Plush Toy

Triceratops – NEW ITEM

29.99 List Price

Stuffed Animal and Plush Toy Collection

Snuggie Buggies has a collection of ten stuffed animals and ultra soft plush toys varying from small stuffies to plushie pillows. Our handmade plush toys are perfect for newborns to anyone wanting a soft toy to hug. Our larger stuffed animals can even serve as an ideal pillow for your next nap. Take a look at our ever-expanding plushie collection. You are sure to find your next new stuffed animal friend.

Plush Toys Can Help Everyone

People of all ages love Snuggie Buggies stuffed animals and plush toys. Why kids love stuffed animals are likely obvious, but you may wonder why stuffed animals are not only for kids. You can use them to ease mental health challenges and stress in kids and adults. The benefits of stuffed animals are endless. Check out our testimonials here and on Amazon, no matter why you are looking for a plush toy. 

Customer Testimonials

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Snuggie Buggies will be adding ten new stuffed animals and ultra soft plush toys this Fall. Make sure and subscribe to our newsletter for updates. You won’t want to miss our new dragon, penguin, triceratops, koala, capybara, sloth, frog, shark, bunny, and panda. Be the first to own these unique, handmade plushies.

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