The Sinking Ship – Ollie and Mo Save the Crew

Once upon a time, in a vast and deep sea, Lived a curious octopus and a manatee. The octopus, named Ollie, had eight long tentacles, And the manatee, named Mo, had a round and friendly face.

Ollie and Mo were the best of friends, They played and laughed together, until the day’s end. They swam and explored the coral reefs and caves, And chased each other through the waves.

One day, as they were swimming through the sea, They came across a ship, that was stuck in a tree. The sailors were worried, and called for help, But no one could hear them, for they were in a yelp.

Ollie and Mo knew they had to act fast, So they came up with a plan, that would make the ship blast. Ollie used his tentacles, to untangle the ropes, While Mo used her strength, to push the ship afloat.

The sailors were grateful, and thanked Ollie and Mo, For their bravery and help, that they did bestow. From then on, the octopus and manatee, Were hailed as heroes, in the vast and deep sea.

They continued to explore and have fun, And their adventures, they did never shun. They swam and played, and helped others in need, And their friendship, they did not concede.

Ollie and Mo lived a long and happy life, Filled with laughter, love, and no strife. They were the best of friends, till the very end, And their memory, in the sea, did not bend.

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