Spike, The Lost Dragon – How he found his way home

The story of how Spike, the blue dragon found his way home.

Once upon a time, in a land far away
There lived a little dragon, made of soft, plushy hay
He had bright green scales and a tail that curled tight
And he spent his days playing with all his might

His name was Spike, and he was full of cheer
He loved to chase butterflies and climb up trees clear
He had a big, toothy grin and a heart full of love
And he was always ready to give a friendly shove

One day, Spike decided he wanted to fly
So he spread out his wings and up into the sky
He soared through the clouds and felt so free
But then, oh no, he couldn’t see the ground, only the sea

Spike started to panic, he didn’t know what to do
But then he remembered something his mom had told him true
“When you’re lost or scared, just close your eyes and think
Of the place you love most, and in a blink, you’ll be in sync”

So Spike closed his eyes and thought of home
And before he knew it, he was back on solid stone
He ran to his mom and gave her a hug
And from that day on, he never flew too high, only for fun.

The end.