Cartoon sloth

Sam the Sloth Dreams Big

There once was a sloth named Sam Who lived in a tall tree; that’s where he glam. He loved to dream and doze in the sun, But most of all, he loved to have fun

One day, Sam had a dream so grand He wanted to be an artist, you understand. He wanted to paint and draw with glee, But he didn’t know where to start, can’t you see?

So Sam sat and thought for a while, Trying to find a way to make his dream worthwhile. Just then, a bunny hopped by Sam asked for help, and this is what the bunny replied:

“I know just the thing, come with me. We’ll find some paints, and you’ll see That you have talent; just let it flow I’ll help you build it, and you’ll be a pro!”

So Sam and the bunny set off that day To find some paints and to start to play. They painted and drew for hours on end Until Sam’s talent began to blend

Soon, people came from far and wide To see Sam’s art and to take a ride On the talent train that Sam now knew. They wanted a painting, they wanted it too!

And so, Sam became a world-renowned artist People dreamed of having his paintings on their wall; they insist He never forgot the bunny who helped him see That he had talent, and now he’s happy as can be.

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