How Blue the Dragon Protected His Treasure

Once upon a time, in a land far away, There lived a dragon, as blue as the sea. His scales shone bright in the morning sun, And his roar could be heard by everyone.

His name was Blue, and he lived in a cave, Where he hoarded his treasures, both shiny and brave. He loved to fly through the clouds in the sky, And breathe fire whenever he passed by.

But Blue was not like the dragons you’ve heard, He was kind and gentle, and never once stirred. He loved to help those in need and in trouble, And his heart was as big as a double.

One day, a group of thieves came to steal Blue’s treasures, all shiny and real. But Blue was not one to back down or flee; he flew into action and let out a mighty roar.

He breathed fire and chased the thieves away, and saved his treasures on that fateful day. The villagers cheered and celebrated with glee, For Blue the dragon had set them all free.

From then on, Blue was hailed as a hero, and his kindness and bravery, they did know. He lived a long and happy life, Helping others and causing no strife.

So if you ever see a blue dragon flying by, Don’t be afraid, for he’s a gentle guy. He’ll help you out, with a friendly smile, And fly away, to his home, after a while.

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