Who is Snuggie Buggies?

Who is Snuggie Buggies? Snuggie Buggies is a family-owned stuffed animal and ultra soft plush toy company headquartered in Northern Utah. We love animals and enjoy sharing that love with customers through our stuffed animal designs. Snuggie Buggies started from a dream as a young girl of someday owning my own stuffed animal company. That dream was made into a reality when we launched Snuggie Buggies.

At Snuggie Buggies, we take pride in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality stuffed animals and ultra soft plush toys to our customers. Our team constantly evaluates new toys and product ideas we can provide to make a child’s day. Today we supply plush toys from the mythical narwhal to the classic teddy bear and everything in between. We are here to have fun and design plush toy products everyone loves.

Please share your favorite animals with us, and who knows, maybe we’ll make them into our next plush toy for your child to love.
Coming full circle, we hope we can help the next generation of young girls dream big and exceed their goals, whatever they may be. Snuggie Buggies are proof of what’s possible.


All Snuggie Buggies products are designed in the United States of America and manufactured in China.

These stuffed animals are soft and well made so are appropriate for all ages. If you read our blog or articles on the subject, stuffed animals can bring positive energy to people from birth to old age. They help with childhood development, stress, mental health and loneliness. 

We have our Children’s Protection Certificate (CPC) required by Amazon. This certificate tests the product for safety (parts and material). We also test all products at the manufacturing facility prior to being shipped out. They are safe and well made. 

Snuggie Buggies products are currently sold on Amazon and through local retailers. The links to the products on amazon are available on the www.snuggiebuggies.com website.

Snuggie Buggies products are made from the best organic PP cotton and are machine washable. 

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